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We Manufacture a Wide Range of Rubber Beadings for all Type Industrial Machineries and Construction Requirements. Our product range includes a wide range of Aluminum Door and Windows Rubber Beading, Synthetic Rubber Beading, EPDM Rubber Beading and Stone Crusher Beading.

These Rubber Beadings are suitable for supporting plates in vibrating screens. These Sections are designed to offer maximum grip on supporting plate and optimum damping capacity Which, When Placed under vibrating screens to avoid metal to metal contact, which helps to increase Operating Life of vibrating screens by reducing vibrations.

Rubber  Beadings are suitable for 6mm and 18mm thick supporting plates below vibrating screen cloth. Section has been designed to offer maximum grip on supporting plate and optimum damping capacity.



Kindly Don’t Request Lower Cost U Beading Rubber Since We Maintain and Supply This Series of Products and all Others with Only Virgin Rubber Formulations with no Dilutions and Filler Agents as found in the Market. Hence Our Rates maybe a Bit High at First Look but Actually Profitable if You Account for Specific Gravity of Rubber Compared to the Seemingly Cheaper Products in the Market which will only Harm your Immediate Profits and Long Term Performance.

Rubber Beading Features:



·         Immense strength

·         Can adapt to different weather conditions

·         Long lasting

·         Works in all Weather conditions




·         Automotive industries

·         Metal industries

·         Crusher Vibrating Screens